Photos from FAR NØRTH

Far North is the highly anticipated movie about Ben Player’s quest to surf the impossible wave, and his epic 6 week adventure in the Arctic Winter. ‘Everything I have done in my career so far will pale in comparison to this film. I love it, I like to think of the film as the main story, and Breaking Bull as a small part of that story!’ Ben says in the kind of excitement you wouldn’t expect from someone that almost dies in the film. 'We decided to call the 40 minute film Far Nørth because of the obvious Northern location and it’s historical ties to Vikings, but also because we kind of felt that on the 6 week journey, we were going further, and challenging ourselves more than before, so the name seemed perfectly suited to the film.’ And we’re in agreement with that after viewing a few of the frame grabs. ‘I think bodyboarders are going to love the movie more than the TV Show, it’s shows the whole story, and also draws on the talents of Mickey Smith who has produced an original music score for the movie, Ed Saltau and Todd Barnes who have been polishing the post production for a year now. ‘I wasn’t in a rush to get this out the door, I knew we had a great story, and didn’t want to just be reliant on that one element to make the movie, I wanted to create something that was amazing and unique, a film that had the potential to win film awards and to be watched over and over again, and I personally think we have achieved that.’ 



Produced By

Ben Player